Located one hour north of San Francisco, Jah Levi Studios offer the finest in digital and analog recording with an impressive arsenal of modern and rare antique recording equipment.

Studio bookings are generally by invite only, but requests can be made here.


All studios are equipped with an excellent selection of new and vintage microphones and the very best in musical instrumentation.

STUDIO A: The mastering facility and edit suite

Two MacPro towers

ProTools TBM

ProTools HDX

Ampex AG440 half-inch master tape recorder

Avid Control 24 control surface

Argosy 70 console

Argosy Model 90 console

Weiss EW-102 digital mastering system and custom control surface

Maselec DTX1 analog mastering console

Korg M2000 DSD master recorder

Z-SYS digital detangler Z16

TC Electronics M3000 digital reverb

Behringer sample rate converter

Panasonic SV3700 DAT recorder

SPL PQ tube equalizer

Neumann compressor/limiter and EQ

Signal Corp custom handmade compressor by Oded Levy

Focusrite 3 equalizer

TL Audio 2030 compressor/limiter EQ

Charter Oaks equalizer

Waves BCL limiter

Summit Audio tube leveler

Focusrite Rednet 5 x 2

Focusrite Rednet 2 x 2

Focusrite Rednet 1

Focusrite Rednet AM1

Focusrite Rednet 6

Focusrite Rednet D16

Neve 8803 equalizer

Neve 8816 analog summing mixer

SSL Sigma Super Analog Mixbus

Big Nob compressor/equalizer

Rocktron tube saturator

TC Electronics 2240 stereo parametric equalizer

Spectrosonics V610 comp limiters x 2

Universal Audio 565 filter set x 2

Grace M904 monitor controller

Antelope Audio D/A A/D converters

TC Electronics clarity correlation and phase meter

Tiegler Audio Konnecter

Adams S3H monitors

Alto Near Field monitor with tube monoblock amps

Avid Sync I/O

Antelope Audio 10M Rhubidiom clock

Antelope Audio OCX

STUDIO B: Livestream House Concert Room

Young Chang grand piano

Sony DMX100 digital mixing console

ProTools 12

Universal Audio twin duo

Yamaha Rev1 digital reverberator

Eventide H3000 digital audio processor

Focusrite Rednet 4 mic preamps

PIX270I digital video and 64 track digital audio recorder

Black Magic studio cameras x 3

Focusrite Rednet 6 x 2

Focusrite Rednet AM 1

TC Electronics 2290 digital delay

Tascam CD recorder and cassette player

DVX dual graphic equalizer

Apple Mac mini

Aviom Dante-equipped monitor system

Mackie concert three-way monitors

Studer A80 one-inch 8 track mastering recorder

Manley 16×2 analog mixer

Euphonix D/A converters and A/D converters

TL Audio 8-channel tube interface

Fultone tube tape echo

Universal Audio 510 mic preamp

four channels of wireless microphones

STUDIO C: Mix Room

Avid Euphonix System 5 digital mixing console

Studer A827 Gold 24-track 2-inch analog master recorder

SSL Sigma Superanalog Mixbus

SSL Alphalink digital audio converters

Focusrite Rednet 1 x 2

Focusrite Rednet 6 x 2

Focusrite Rednet AM 1

Focusrite Rednet 4

Millenium Audio STT1 mic preamp

Avalon VT737 mic preamp

Tubetech MMC1A mic preamp

Universal Audio 710D 4-channel mic preamp

Manley Micmaid microphone switching matrix

Slate Digital MTC1 touchscreen controller

Apple MacPro tower

ProTools HDX

Adams SX4 5.1 monitor system

Genelec near field monitors

Softube Console One

Manley 16×2 mixer

Behringer MDX 8000 loudness controller

SSL G4000 compressor

Waves L2 limiter

TL Audio tube equalizer

Manley Backbone mastering console

Korg M2000 DSD master recorder

Lexicon MC12 HD surround monitor controller