Jah Levi performs and records in a number of genres, formats and ensembles, with a diverse range of expression.

The common thread through all the music is unity and upliftment, with positive messages shared by excellent artists from many different cultures and traditions of the world.

Jah Levi and the Higher Reasoning

Roots-reggae music ambassadors on a mission of love and peace to spread the message of oneness and divine unity for all beings. The band is a versatile ensemble of world-class reggae artists, many of whom have been performing with Jah Levi for decades, including Leroy Horsemouth Wallace, David Gristman, Prezident Brown, Steve Kimock, Haile Maskel, and many others. Listen here: https://soundcloud.com/jah-levi/sets/reggae

Ha Levi’im

Ensemble of musicians from the Middle East and North Africa, performing devotional music in Hebrew, Arabic and English, with Jewish and Sufi influences: https://soundcloud.com/jah-levi/sets/ha-leviim

The Musical Healing Ministry of Jah Levi

A mystical musical expression of love and a service to humanity, often performed at transformational festivals and intimate gatherings: https://soundcloud.com/jah-levi/in-this-reality

Jah Levi World Fusion

Presenting organic world music featuring polyrhythmic expressions of percussion and hand drums from around the world, composed, produced, mixed & mastered by Jah Levi: https://soundcloud.com/jah-levi/sets/world-fusion


Jah Levi is in the studio most days but does give a public or private performance on occasion. You can check for upcoming performances here: http://www.jahlevi.com/events/