Jah Levi is a music producer, multi-instrumentalist performing song writer, ethnomusicologist, and luthier. He has toured the world for over 30 years, released 40 albums of his own original music, and produced over 200 albums for many world-renowned musicians in a wide variety of genres.

Jah Levi is a pioneer in the field of music and studio technologies. He built the world’s first solar powered digital recording studio (Jah Works Studios) in 1986 and launched three independent music labels. He also produced the first ever independently-released CD, Selassie I Vibration, in 1987.

Today, he runs a world-class digital and analog recording studio in Northern California, recording and producing music from a broad range of musical traditions around the globe.

Son of renowned folklorist Dr. Kenneth Goldstein, who was a prime mover in the 1960’s American Folk Music Revival, Jah Levi was born in a music studio and raised in a house of music. He was first taught guitar by the late Reverend Gary Davis, and later moved on to bass as his main instrument, while learning to play and build hundreds of rare instruments from around the world.

With degrees in ethnomusicology and alternative health (licensed acupuncture and herbalist), Jah Levi has taught workshops in wellness and plant medicine throughout the world while promoting excellent music as a means of bringing people together across political and cultural divides.